Extremely comfortable, it allows ample design freedom thanks to the numerous modules.
The generous use of goose feathers responds to design, comfort and functionality needs.
The furnishing project with infinite possibilities. Elegant, versatile and extremely modular.
Unequaled compositional freedom.
A project that combines maximum comfort with contemporary design.
The unexpected sofa bed. Proportion of shapes and sweet harmony of lines.
Karma 2.0
It represents the perfect synthesis between tradition and modernity.
A very, very elegant element of decor.


All products are made with tailoring care and excellent features. Aesthetically they must excite, but above all they must respond to the real needs of those who use them, comfort and relax first of all.

The collection mainly features modern sofas with a contemporary design, flexible in use, designed primarily for the home living room but a section has also been provided for waiting rooms, office furniture, contract and hospitality.

Sofa beds

The sofa beds take on shapes with a strong and well-defined character, able to tell the story of each space, thanks to their functional design, designed to fill everyday living.

They are in continuous movement and change shape thanks to ingenious technical devices; as well as the seats, whose modularity allows you to always find new and different solutions. The transformations of the shapes also involve the idea of the sofa bed, ennobled from a simple service piece of furniture to an elegant object with character.


Furnishing the bedroom is quite complicated because many factors come into play such as personal taste, aesthetics, the size of the room, the style of the furniture. For this reason, our collection features 40 different models, with headboard and bed frame covered with a soft fabric or genuine leather, in a modern, classic or neo-classical style.

The different bed frames (H. 4 – H. 11 – H. 28 cm.) make it possible to obtain very different aesthetics combined with each single headboard. It will thus be extremely easy to personalize your bedroom with one of our upholstered beds.

Passion and Quality

Confort Line expresses its competence through its craftsmanship, technological research to affirm its production identity and achieve innovative solutions.


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